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Month: October 2013

Pro Tip: Mount a Local Folder Instead of Symlinking it

Although they are convenient, sometimes Symlinks just are not the right tool for the job. In certain circumstances you may want a directory to link to another transparently, without the OS being aware. Certain server software, for example, will not follow symlinks. Whatever the reason, sometimes you want something more substantial. Continue reading

Showdown: Fedora 19 vs. Ubuntu 13.10

A couple of weeks ago I decided to forego my routine upgrade to the latest Ubuntu in favor of checking in on another of my go-to Linux distros: Fedora. I typically find Fedora to be a breath of fresh air after months of being stuck in the Ubuntu rut. How did it hold up this time in terms of usability and overall polish? Read on… Continue reading

Starting with Ghost

This last week I’ve been looking for a nice simple blogging platform. The idea is to have some place to jot down ideas without having to think too hard about it. Today, hopefully, my search has come to an end. I found what appears to be a dead simple blogging platform named Ghost. Hopefully with my newfound software and my occasional desire to help my fellow nerd, I will be following up with more tips, tricks, notes and biased opinions.

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