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Finally, Rocket Skates for the Masses

Ever wish your heelys would propel you down the street at a blistering 12 MPH? Me too. That’s why I’m glad I finally found rocket skates. Right now it’s just a kickstarter project, but I’m sure that with your suppport, we’ll be seeing these bad boys on the shelves of every WalMart both sides of the Mississippi before the new year.

As you watch their founder try to convince you to invest in his dream (and really isn’t it everyone’s dream?), try not to be distracted by the fact that he’s looking through the camera, time, the internet, and your screen at your bathing suit area, sizing you up with those hungry eyes. Hey, buddy. Eyes up here.

Starting with Ghost

This last week I’ve been looking for a nice simple blogging platform. The idea is to have some place to jot down ideas without having to think too hard about it. Today, hopefully, my search has come to an end. I found what appears to be a dead simple blogging platform named Ghost. Hopefully with my newfound software and my occasional desire to help my fellow nerd, I will be following up with more tips, tricks, notes and biased opinions.

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