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Month: July 2014

Problems connecting locally to Docker MySql?

Here’s another simple “Gotcha” to look out for. Let’s say you’ve started your local MySql docker container. Now you’re having trouble connecting to it, even though you know you’re forwarding the proper port to your Docker container and your mysql user is set up to accept connections from the host machine. Yet for some reason, you keep getting this error while attempting to log in:

Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)

Look familiar? You’ll notice it’s attempting to connect to MySql via a socket, when what you really want it to do is treat it like a normal remote host. This is where the --protocol flag comes in. Try this command, and likely you’ll be in like Flynn:

$ mysql -u <username> -p<password> -P <port number> --protocol TCP

Keep it Simple – A Guide to Minimalist Photography | Contrastly

Here is an interesting article that provides a basic introduction to how to think simple and achieve minimalism with photography. The idea being to maximize the impact of a minimum amount of visual content. Hopefully soon I can get out there with the camera and try it out.

Keep it Simple – A Guide to Minimalist Photography | Contrastly

Finally, Rocket Skates for the Masses

Ever wish your heelys would propel you down the street at a blistering 12 MPH? Me too. That’s why I’m glad I finally found rocket skates. Right now it’s just a kickstarter project, but I’m sure that with your suppport, we’ll be seeing these bad boys on the shelves of every WalMart both sides of the Mississippi before the new year.

As you watch their founder try to convince you to invest in his dream (and really isn’t it everyone’s dream?), try not to be distracted by the fact that he’s looking through the camera, time, the internet, and your screen at your bathing suit area, sizing you up with those hungry eyes. Hey, buddy. Eyes up here.

MySql Gotcha: Job failed to start

I don’t know why, but errors arising from a full storage device always get me. If you can’t log in to MySql or you can’t start the MySql process, try df -h. It’s a quick thing to check and often times you’ll find that the disk is full and MySql can’t do it’s thing.

Back in Business

Those dirty rotten hackers

Just when I was starting to get some momentum with my blogging, misfortune struck. My first indication that something wrong was that I couldn’t ssh into my Linode instance. It was the first time I had tried since the day I launched it. “That’s odd, I thought. Nothing’s changed so it should be working.” Continue reading

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