… Or the beginning of something that will ultimately kill me. In any case it’s the beginning of my backpacking / bushcraft kit.

Here we have the CRKT Saker Bush Knife. I picked this up at Cabella’s. It seems sturdy and comes very sharp out of the box. It also came with what they’re calling a bushcraft tool. It might be useful, but I’m not sure yet. Its 1075 steel blade will work nicely to do pretty much any task that the knife is big enough to do. Being 0.2 inches thick, it will stand up to abuse like batonning without too much trouble. And for keeping warm it will work quite well with my second purchase, the Überleben Zünden Fire Steel.

Of course, it is still early Spring, so the mountains are still snowy. Thus I haven’t had a chance to use either of these yet, so we’ll see how they work in practice later in the year.