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Those dirty rotten hackers

Just when I was starting to get some momentum with my blogging, misfortune struck. My first indication that something wrong was that I couldn’t ssh into my Linode instance. It was the first time I had tried since the day I launched it. “That’s odd, I thought. Nothing’s changed so it should be working.” Continue reading

Utah Arts Festival – 2014

Utah is a beautiful place in the summertime which makes it a perfect location for its many festivals, shows and concerts. Any of these is a great place to bring a camera and get some interesting shots while taking in the summer air with friends. This last weekend Jessica and I went with a couple of friends to the Utah Arts Festival. Here’s our haul of photos.
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My new distro of choice: Slackware


That’s right, I said it Slackware.It’s one of the oldest Linux distributions and it keeps on kicking. It’s highly configurable and seems to be very stable. It’s Linux for Linux nerds. It does nothing that you don’t tell it to do. When you do tell it to do something, it will do exactly that, and nothing more. Having come from years of using Ubuntu Linux as my primary desktop OS, this has been an interesting shift for me in terms of usability. From simply getting the OS installed to installing the basic packages, getting up and running requires significantly more overhead than something more dummy-proof like Ubuntu of Fedora. And the payoff? Worth it. The end result is a fast, lightweight system that looks good and doesn’t complain. It fit’s your needs like a glove because you configure it to your needs. Continue reading

Basic Git Svn Workflow

You are a Git user. Unfortunately for you, your team’s codebase is stored in a Subversion repository. Much of the deploy code and all of the team’s workflow depends on this Svn based repository. If a conversion to a Git repository ever happens, it could be quite some time away. What do you do? Continue reading

Pro Tip: Mount a Local Folder Instead of Symlinking it

Although they are convenient, sometimes Symlinks just are not the right tool for the job. In certain circumstances you may want a directory to link to another transparently, without the OS being aware. Certain server software, for example, will not follow symlinks. Whatever the reason, sometimes you want something more substantial. Continue reading

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